Camp Toiletries! [Video Transcript]

Hey guys, today I’m packing for camp at this moment, so I’m just going to show you my toiletries right now and then I will have a video up of all my stuff later. I’m still kind of in the middle of packing, I really only have one more thing that I have to pack. But yeah, let’s just get right into it.

These are what I have all my toiletries in, it looks like a lot, but I just have this big toiletry shower bag. I usually keep my makeup in this but I emptied my makeup out of it and just put some stuff in it. Then I have my makeup brushes in here and some other stuff in here. So I’ll start with this, so I got this bag from TJ Maxx and it was $12.99 I think, yeah $12.99, so it was like $13.00 which is really good because it came with this big bag and it came with that little bag and it came with this clear bag right there, so it came with three bags. In this first pocket right here, it has a zipper right there and just put a Bath and Body Works Coconut Caribbean Escape hand sanitizer on it. Sorry for my nails they’re really gross.

In here it’s just this little Japanese pouch and my mom gave it to me because my parents used to live in Japan. I want to see if I can move it. I just have my hair stuff in here, there we go. I have a little alligator clip because at the camp that I’m going to there’s like and end of the week dance so this to separate my hair if I’m going to curl it or something. Then I have two headbands and they’re just the Goody grip ones. Then I have a ton of hair ties. I have mini hair ties in this little plastic bag, clear mini hair ties and I have bobby pins. I think, yeah that’s all that’s in there.

Here I have my contact stuff. I have my glasses cleaner right here. I have a mini contact solution. I have my contact case and it just fits perfectly in this little bag. Then there’s this big pocket right here, and in here I have all my shower stuff. I have my, whoops, I have my deodorant. A mini thing of toothpaste that I just got from the dentist and then I have a toothbrush holder that I got from Target, it’s just the UP and UP brand, it’s green and then let’s see if I can open this. There we go. I just have my toothbrush in it.

I have my Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer and you can twist the cap so right now it’s locked so you can’t squirt anything out and then you can twist it the other way so you can. Then I just have this mini loofah. I have this mini Clean and Clear Morning Burst facial scrub and I’m not going to use this everyday just when I feel like I need a little bit of cleaning or extra deep cleaning I guess. Then I have the So Fresh So Clean makeup removing cleansing towelettes and it comes with 25 and I got these from TJ Maxx. Then I just have a little washcloth.

I have my It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In product because I’m not bringing conditioner because my conditioner comes in a huge bottle so I’m just bringing this because it’s like a leave in conditioner and it works really well. Then I just have my comb so I can comb out my hair when it’s wet. I have a mini bottle of shaving cream and it’s just the Gillette Satin Care dry skin shaving cream. I’ve never this so I don’t know, I’m kind of excited and I got that from Target. Then i just have my Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky shampoo. I’m going to a week long camp in case you’re wondering.

Then I have my Body Clear body wash, pink grapefruit Nuetrogena body wash. Then I have my Nuetrogena Visibly Bright daily facial cleanser, so I’ll use that at night and in the morning. Oh and the thing came off, but here’s just my razor but the little plastic thing came off of it, but that’s just my razor. It’s nothing special. I’m pretty sure it’s just the UP and UP brand. I think, yeah. That is everything that is in my shower bag and I am just going to bring this to the shower with me because the Summer Camps Ontario that I am going to they have cabins, teepees and stuff like that. They have cabins, teepees and ranger camp and I’m going to ranger camp. Which is like you stay in canvas tents so we have to walk to the shower so I’m just going to bring this with me.

Okay then I have this container that I usually keep my makeup in but I emptied it out for camp and I just got it from Target and I think I was $15.00 or something like that and I decked it out with stickers. This first drawer I have all my makeup and again I’m not going to wear all this makeup everyday. I’ll probably just wear mascara maybe but again we have a dance at the end so this is what I have it for.

Okay so in this last one, I’m not sure this is from. It says Levinger, I don’t know what that is. My mom gave it to me. It’s just kind of like, it’s hard to explain, it’s a bluish green except it’s like a puke green mixed with blue does that make any sense? I don’t know, but it’s kind of an ugly color but I still use it. In here I just have some pads and tampons because it holds them and it’s the perfect size for them. That’s what I have in there. That’s all I’m bringing for toiletries. Please subscribe so you will see when I put up what I pack for camp. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, it would mean a lot to me. Please follow my Instagram it’s kaylinol but I’m thinking of changing it to kbeachbeauty. Ow I just stabbed myself with my fingernail. Make sure that you thumbs up this video and comments. Again thanks for watching. Bye guys.

If you have any more questions about camp toiletries, please contact:
Camp White Pine Summer Camps
40 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto, ON M5M 1A4
(416) 322-6250

Why Butcher Shops Are Great

In the past, most individuals would buy their meat in a butcher shop rather than a supermarket. There are great reasons for purchasing steaks, pork chops and chicken drumsticks from a butcher instead of at a grocery store. A butcher shop can provide these benefits:

• Personal service from a butcher
• High-quality meat
• Meat kept at the proper temperature
• Specialized handling of meat
• Fresh products
• Specialty meats

Butcher Shop Meat Is Kept at the Correct Temperature

When you buy meat at a supermarket, it is usually on a foam tray that is wrapped with plastic. Numerous shoppers can pick up the package of meat before making a decision, and in some cases, they remove the meat from the cooling case for an hour or more before placing it back into the case. Anyone consuming meat that has not remained at the proper temperature risks a foodborne illness that can lead to serious digestive problems.

A Butcher Shop Has Specialty Cuts of Meat

All types of meat products are becoming more expensive, and the food is often packaged in factories hundred of miles away from your home before it is shipped in a refrigerated truck to your local grocery store. You have no idea how long it might stay on the truck in a supermarket’s parking lot or in a stockroom before it is placed in the cooling cases. When you arrive at the store, you can only buy the meat that is available rather than requesting specialty cuts of pork chops or steaks. You might want extra-thick steaks or butterfly cut pork chops, but these meat cuts are not available at a supermarket.

Preparing Special Meat Products for Barbecues

If you are planning a party with a particular menu or want to create a unique recipe, then you need to find a butcher shop Dundas Ontario where an expert meatcutter can prepare meat in a specialized way. When you are having a barbecue, you might want to have hundreds of kabobs, but it can take several hours to prepare these items. However, a butcher can prepare kabobs before wrapping the food in paper so that you can cook the items at home on a grill.

Find Exotic Meats In a Butcher Shop

Exotic meats are now popular, but your local supermarket will probably not sell any of these products. However, it is possible to buy several types of exotic meats from a butcher, including:

• Pheasant
• Venison
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• Snake
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• Antelope
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• Squirrel

The demand for exotic meat is growing in Canada, and if you want to buy an unusual type of meat, then you need to find a specialty butcher shop.