Furnace Acting Funny? Don’t Ignore These Six Warning Signs

Your furnace is most likely the single biggest energy consumer in your home during the winter months, and that is just one of the reasons why it is so important to make sure that it is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Here is a closer look at a few signs that it might be time to contact an HVAC contractor to schedule a service call.

1. Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

Your energy usage will always fluctuate throughout the year, but you should be wary of any sudden changes to your gas or electric bills. Skyrocketing bills can be the result of a damaged HVAC system, and you must schedule a service call as quickly as possible if your bills seem unusual.

2. Odd Noises When the HVAC System Is Turned On

Even though a heating system will make some noises when the blower cycles on and off, you shouldn’t hear regular bangs, creaks, or rattles. Those types of noises generally take place when the system is nearing the end of its lifespan. At the very least, the furnace should be serviced to prevent further problems.

3. Hot or Cold Spots in Your Home

A modern HVAC system will be able to keep your entire home at a consistent temperature. If certain rooms are particularly hot or cold, then furnace repair Oshawa might be necessary in the near future. Before contacting a contractor, you can first inspect all of your vents to make sure that they are open and pointing in the correct directions.

4. Strong Odors Are Coming From the Vents

You might notice some unusual smells when you turn the furnace on after it hasn’t been used for a few months, but those smells should be gone within a minute or two. The HVAC system needs to be turned off immediately if you smell gas or any burning odors. Those smells could be caused by leaks or internal damage to the system.

5. A Flickering or Yellow Flame

A well-maintained gas furnace will have a bright blue flame that doesn’t flicker. A yellow or flickering flame is generally caused by an uneven mixture of gas and oxygen. Luckily, a contractor can easily adjust the flame in just a few minutes during your annual service calls.

6. The Thermostat Is Constantly Being Adjusted

A faulty thermostat isn’t only frustrating, but it can also result in huge energy bills. That is why most specialists suggest having residential thermostats tested at least once a year. You might also want to consider upgrading your old non-programmable thermostat to a “smart” thermostat that can be controlled with your smartphone.

How The Presence of Sewer Gas Could Indicate A Serious Plumbing Emergency

Common plumbing problems are fairly easy to recognize. A leaky faucet or a clogged drain are quickly revealed and hard to miss. A quick call to a plumber can fix such things. Other problems might not be so easy to notice. Well, symptoms related to the problem may be easy to notice. The trouble is homeowners might not necessarily connect the symptoms with a major or minor plumbing problem. The stench of sewer gas, for example, could be blamed on any number of shot-in-the-dark reasons. Guessing games should not be played when it comes to the presence of sewer gas. The gas is not exactly healthy to the occupants of a home.

What is Sewer Gas?

Sewer gas comes from sewage. Sewage is pumped out of a home via the sewer drain. If damage has been suffered by the sewer drain or if there is a clog, a troubling odor may rise up through the basement drain. The gas derives from the decomposition of matter in the organic materials present in the drain.

Questions surely are going to arise about whether or not the gas is dangerous. The answer is a not-to-reassuring “It depends”. Nontoxic fumes are present in sewer gas. Nontoxic fumes deliver a horrific odor, but there aren’t exactly severe dangers associated with the gas. Toxic gas fumes, however, present a major cause for alarm.

The components in the toxic version of the gas include hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Both have the potential to be extremely dangerous to humans. Immediately contacting a Whitby plumbers to take care of the problem is strongly advised. Perhaps it would not hurt to call the gas company to make sure the issue is sewer gas and not a natural gas leak as well.

Fixing the Sewer Gas Problem

The cause of the damage factors into what type of repair work is necessary. If the pipe is severely damaged then the drain may need to be replaced. Wildly-growing tree roots may cause such damage. The solution may entail breaking up concrete and removing the drain. Other problems might not be so significant.

A Less-Costly Option

There is an alternative to replacing a damaged drain pipe. The process of relining adds a “second skin” to the inside of a pipe. The process eliminates the need to break any concrete or remove pipe. Granted, the pipe cannot be severely damaged in order for this process to be selected. After a proper inspection, a plumber can determine whether or not relining would deliver an appropriate fix. Again, homeowners are advised to avoid any delays when strange smells emanate from a basement sewer drain.

The Main Advantages of Solid Hardwood Flooring

For those looking to renovate their space, solid hardwood flooring is not only a reliable option but also an attractive one. This type of flooring has been a popular choice for centuries, especially because it lends a sense of permanence to interiors. To ensure you know why solid hardwood flooring is such a great option, below are some of its main advantages.

Straight-forward installation
Although the choice between a finished and unfinished wood floor plays an important role, the milling of quality hardwood floors is specifically done to ensure they provide a uniform and stable fit. As such, installing this type of flooring is a simple and straightforward task, at least for those who have the necessary experience.

High-quality appearance
In addition to a natural and elegant aesthetic value, high-end hardwood floors come with the warmth and value of wood that never goes out of style. Furthermore, hardwood floors are known to create the appearance of spaciousness when installed.

Easy to clean
Because your hardwood floor is not likely to accumulate lots of dirt particles, dust, and debris, cleaning it is an easy task. Mopping, vacuuming, and making sure the floor stays dry are all it takes to perform a weekly cleaning.

Strong and durable
High-end hardwood floors are usually manufactured, kiln-dried, installed, and finished to certain standards. The resulting strength means that they often last for generations. As a sturdy and hard-wearing option capable of standing up to heavy foot traffic and active workspaces, high-quality hardwood floors have long term durability.

Better acoustics
Compared to almost every other flooring option, hardwood floors provide better acoustics. You will never experience vibrations or hollow sounds if your home features a properly installed hardwood flooring.

Thanks to the availability of many wood species and stains, hardwood floors come in a wide range of styles, appearances, textures, colors, and formations. The choice between unfinished and pre-finished hardwood flooring is an additional advantage. This particular flooring option is bound to satisfy your every need and desire regardless of how diverse or unique they are.

Quality indoor air
For your interior environment, hardwood floors are arguably the healthiest choice due to the lack of embossing, grout lines, or fibers capable of trapping the allergens, animal dander, dust, pollen, and dirt particles found in carpets. Because it contributes to high-quality and healthier indoor air, hardwood flooring is the best option for allergy sufferers.

Ageless quality
Unlike vinyl and carpeting, you can always refinish your wood flooring Toronto whenever the finish needs updating. Wood floors rarely need replacing. As such, your hardwood floor will still look beautiful by the time the other options are looking tired and worn. Furthermore, hardwood floors become more valuable over time.

Excellent long-term investment
Apart from resulting in a faster sale, installing a hardwood floor is bound to increase the value of your property. It is, therefore, a great long-term investment.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on a Personal Injury Settlement Award?

Some people receive their personal injury award in a lump sum amount, and others receive it in the form of structured settlement annuity payments paid over time. Both can drastically increase the total amount of income you receive annually, and you may be wondering if you need to pay income taxes on your personal injury settlement award. In some cases, you may need to pay taxes on this money. However, there are many instances when the money is earned tax-free. You want to avoid paying unnecessary taxes to the IRS, so it is important to learn more about the instances when you do not have to pay tax on this money.

Money Paid for Injuries
If you received any money from a Toronto personal injury lawyer law case that reimburses you for injuries you suffered, this money is usually considered to be tax-free. This includes medical reimbursements as well as money that you received for pain and suffering. Typically, the court awards the money so that it is broken down by the amount received for various factors. The caveat here, however, is if you claimed a tax deduction for medical expenses. If you claim a tax deduction for medical expenses related to the accident, or if you claimed a deduction for these expenses in a prior year, you will need to pay taxes on the portion of your award that was allotted for medical expenses, pain and suffering.

Money Paid for Lost Wages
While you normally would pay federal income taxes on money that you earn from a job, the good news is that you do not need to pay income taxes on a reimbursement for lost wages through a personal injury lawsuit. This can help you to keep more of your much-needed cash in your pocket.

Money Paid to Legal Fees
The tax law related to legal fees on a personal injury case is not so easy to understand. Generally, the portion of the fees that you paid on an award that is tax-free is not tax deductible. On the other hand, the portion of the fees that you paid on an award that is taxed is tax deductible. It can be difficult for an average individual with no education on accounting and tax law to differentiate these figures. Therefore, it is often wise to seek advice from an accountant before filing your return.

If you have received any income from a civil lawsuit in the last year, you may be required to pay federal income tax on the amount awarded to you. If you have any questions on the taxable amount, it is best to seek financial advice from a tax professional.

FoamRite – Insulating metal walls in an Industrial Building [Video Transcript]

Hi, I’m Jim Ahles from FoamRite Insulation. We’re here in Saint Claire County Michigan insulating a large manufacturing facility with spray foam insulation. The customer had brought us in here to insulate his building because of the huge cost of heating a building this size. Spray foam was by far his best choice from keeping the air infiltration, losing the warm air from going outside, keeping the cold air from coming in.

What we’re doing here is Eric is filling in all the corrugation on the corrugated metal, trying to fill them in flush before he puts his final pass on. That way it gives you a much better looking finished product on the steel. You can see the foam expands about 30-50 times it’s original volume when first applied and it cures hard within two to three minutes. That’ll allow him to come back and put his second pass on there.

As you seen earlier, we were spraying up and down to fill the corrugation. The reason for that is you’re trying to fill it to make it a smooth surface so on the second pass we can make a much smoother looking product in the end. The idea is to get all the indents filled first then come back with a second pass, make it look as flat as possible so the customer’s got a good looking project.

What we’re spraying here is closed cell polyurethane foam. The reason we chose this for this product was the sheet metal, the foam adheres itself right to the sheet metal, completely fully glues itself right to the metal and allows no air infiltration. No drafts, completely bonded, and this product actually is very rigid when it dries. Now if you were to put fiberglass on there, you’ve got the possibility of the air infiltration coming through. Cellulose wouldn’t stick to the wall, there’s no way of making the cellulose stay on there, so the foam was the best choice to put on there.

There are two different kinds of foam you can use for spraying foam. You can use either open cell or closed cell foam. The closed cell foam in this application is a very rigid, it resists moisture and a complete structural rigidity in it. Very strong product. The open cell foam would have been a poor choice for this building because of the fact it actually absorbs more than 40% of water by volume. Because the open cell has a tendency absorb a lot of moisture, if in fact it does on a sheet metal building, you’ve got the chance of the rusting of the metal and you lose all your insulating properties whenever it absorbs moisture. To learn more about metal buildings, visit http://futurebuildings.com/.

Right here what you’re going to see is one of the best advantages of using the spray foam over a fiberglass or cellulose product. What you’re going to see right down here is a huge air leak right here. When we’re done spraying foam with this it’ll cure hard within a few minutes, that air leak is completely solved. It’ll be 100% done. Now you can see after Eric has sprayed this, this is completely sealed up, all your drafts are gone. Within two minutes the foam is already getting hard and this problem is solved. No more air leaks here, that problem is gone.

Camp Toiletries! [Video Transcript]

Hey guys, today I’m packing for camp at this moment, so I’m just going to show you my toiletries right now and then I will have a video up of all my stuff later. I’m still kind of in the middle of packing, I really only have one more thing that I have to pack. But yeah, let’s just get right into it.

These are what I have all my toiletries in, it looks like a lot, but I just have this big toiletry shower bag. I usually keep my makeup in this but I emptied my makeup out of it and just put some stuff in it. Then I have my makeup brushes in here and some other stuff in here. So I’ll start with this, so I got this bag from TJ Maxx and it was $12.99 I think, yeah $12.99, so it was like $13.00 which is really good because it came with this big bag and it came with that little bag and it came with this clear bag right there, so it came with three bags. In this first pocket right here, it has a zipper right there and just put a Bath and Body Works Coconut Caribbean Escape hand sanitizer on it. Sorry for my nails they’re really gross.

In here it’s just this little Japanese pouch and my mom gave it to me because my parents used to live in Japan. I want to see if I can move it. I just have my hair stuff in here, there we go. I have a little alligator clip because at the camp that I’m going to there’s like and end of the week dance so this to separate my hair if I’m going to curl it or something. Then I have two headbands and they’re just the Goody grip ones. Then I have a ton of hair ties. I have mini hair ties in this little plastic bag, clear mini hair ties and I have bobby pins. I think, yeah that’s all that’s in there.

Here I have my contact stuff. I have my glasses cleaner right here. I have a mini contact solution. I have my contact case and it just fits perfectly in this little bag. Then there’s this big pocket right here, and in here I have all my shower stuff. I have my, whoops, I have my deodorant. A mini thing of toothpaste that I just got from the dentist and then I have a toothbrush holder that I got from Target, it’s just the UP and UP brand, it’s green and then let’s see if I can open this. There we go. I just have my toothbrush in it.

I have my Clean and Clear dual action moisturizer and you can twist the cap so right now it’s locked so you can’t squirt anything out and then you can twist it the other way so you can. Then I just have this mini loofah. I have this mini Clean and Clear Morning Burst facial scrub and I’m not going to use this everyday just when I feel like I need a little bit of cleaning or extra deep cleaning I guess. Then I have the So Fresh So Clean makeup removing cleansing towelettes and it comes with 25 and I got these from TJ Maxx. Then I just have a little washcloth.

I have my It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In product because I’m not bringing conditioner because my conditioner comes in a huge bottle so I’m just bringing this because it’s like a leave in conditioner and it works really well. Then I just have my comb so I can comb out my hair when it’s wet. I have a mini bottle of shaving cream and it’s just the Gillette Satin Care dry skin shaving cream. I’ve never this so I don’t know, I’m kind of excited and I got that from Target. Then i just have my Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky shampoo. I’m going to a week long camp in case you’re wondering.

Then I have my Body Clear body wash, pink grapefruit Nuetrogena body wash. Then I have my Nuetrogena Visibly Bright daily facial cleanser, so I’ll use that at night and in the morning. Oh and the thing came off, but here’s just my razor but the little plastic thing came off of it, but that’s just my razor. It’s nothing special. I’m pretty sure it’s just the UP and UP brand. I think, yeah. That is everything that is in my shower bag and I am just going to bring this to the shower with me because the Summer Camps Ontario that I am going to they have cabins, teepees and stuff like that. They have cabins, teepees and ranger camp and I’m going to ranger camp. Which is like you stay in canvas tents so we have to walk to the shower so I’m just going to bring this with me.

Okay then I have this container that I usually keep my makeup in but I emptied it out for camp and I just got it from Target and I think I was $15.00 or something like that and I decked it out with stickers. This first drawer I have all my makeup and again I’m not going to wear all this makeup everyday. I’ll probably just wear mascara maybe but again we have a dance at the end so this is what I have it for.

Okay so in this last one, I’m not sure this is from. It says Levinger, I don’t know what that is. My mom gave it to me. It’s just kind of like, it’s hard to explain, it’s a bluish green except it’s like a puke green mixed with blue does that make any sense? I don’t know, but it’s kind of an ugly color but I still use it. In here I just have some pads and tampons because it holds them and it’s the perfect size for them. That’s what I have in there. That’s all I’m bringing for toiletries. Please subscribe so you will see when I put up what I pack for camp. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, it would mean a lot to me. Please follow my Instagram it’s kaylinol but I’m thinking of changing it to kbeachbeauty. Ow I just stabbed myself with my fingernail. Make sure that you thumbs up this video and comments. Again thanks for watching. Bye guys.

If you have any more questions about camp toiletries, please contact:
Camp White Pine Summer Camps
40 Lawrence Ave W
Toronto, ON M5M 1A4
(416) 322-6250

Why Butcher Shops Are Great

In the past, most individuals would buy their meat in a butcher shop rather than a supermarket. There are great reasons for purchasing steaks, pork chops and chicken drumsticks from a butcher instead of at a grocery store. A butcher shop can provide these benefits:

• Personal service from a butcher
• High-quality meat
• Meat kept at the proper temperature
• Specialized handling of meat
• Fresh products
• Specialty meats

Butcher Shop Meat Is Kept at the Correct Temperature

When you buy meat at a supermarket, it is usually on a foam tray that is wrapped with plastic. Numerous shoppers can pick up the package of meat before making a decision, and in some cases, they remove the meat from the cooling case for an hour or more before placing it back into the case. Anyone consuming meat that has not remained at the proper temperature risks a foodborne illness that can lead to serious digestive problems.

A Butcher Shop Has Specialty Cuts of Meat

All types of meat products are becoming more expensive, and the food is often packaged in factories hundred of miles away from your home before it is shipped in a refrigerated truck to your local grocery store. You have no idea how long it might stay on the truck in a supermarket’s parking lot or in a stockroom before it is placed in the cooling cases. When you arrive at the store, you can only buy the meat that is available rather than requesting specialty cuts of pork chops or steaks. You might want extra-thick steaks or butterfly cut pork chops, but these meat cuts are not available at a supermarket.

Preparing Special Meat Products for Barbecues

If you are planning a party with a particular menu or want to create a unique recipe, then you need to find a butcher shop Dundas Ontario where an expert meatcutter can prepare meat in a specialized way. When you are having a barbecue, you might want to have hundreds of kabobs, but it can take several hours to prepare these items. However, a butcher can prepare kabobs before wrapping the food in paper so that you can cook the items at home on a grill.

Find Exotic Meats In a Butcher Shop

Exotic meats are now popular, but your local supermarket will probably not sell any of these products. However, it is possible to buy several types of exotic meats from a butcher, including:

• Pheasant
• Venison
• Goose
• Snake
• Frog legs
• Camel
• Antelope
• Ostrich
• Rabbit
• Squirrel

The demand for exotic meat is growing in Canada, and if you want to buy an unusual type of meat, then you need to find a specialty butcher shop.

What are Accident Benefits Claims?

Many injured motorists do not understand that there are two completely separate insurance protections according to Canadian law that allow them to receive financial benefits after an auto accident. The accident benefits program is a different process from a lawsuit that begins with filing the official claim with the appropriate insurance company. The application process begins essentially at the time of the accident, as the injured plaintiff has seven days to contact the insurance company indicating the need to file a claim. The insurance company will then provide a standard Application for Benefits Form, known as an OFC-1, which the injured party has 30 days to complete and return.

Understanding the Application Process
The purpose of the Accident Benefits Claim Form is to get the injured party’s coverage started as soon as possible regarding specific benefits. The information provided on the claim form is then investigated by the insurance company, which will result in either an acceptance or a denial of the claim. But, even before a claim is denied, it is always a good decision to consult with a personal injury lawyer when completing the form because the information is vital in getting a claim approved and all information becomes part of the official record. After the OFC-1 is on file, the insurance company will send another OCF-3 Form that is intended to be completed by a medical professional who has treated the injuries.

Types of Benefits
There are several standard programs that govern the administration of benefits based on the material case facts of the accident. They are:
Income Replacement Benefit
Non-earners Benefit
Caregiver Benefit
Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits
Attendant Care Benefit
Other Expenses Benefit
Death and Funeral Benefit

Your best personal injury lawyer Toronto can help you understand all elements of adjudicating a car accident, including the initial filing of the benefits application. Always remember that your personal version of the events that transpired can be very important in your claim, especially if will be pursuing extended damages.

There are individuals who can be denied insurance benefit protection following an accident. Drivers who were not in possession of a valid drivers license can be rejected immediately, as well as those who are designated as uncovered when driving a particular vehicle. In addition, if an accident occurs while in commission of a criminal act, then the insurance company can deny benefits as well. Passengers that reasonably know that a vehicle is being driven without official consent could also be disqualified in certain situations. It is not necessary for a claimant to be injured in order to receive benefits, as benefits can also be paid to those who are forced to psychologically deal with injured relatives, so the law can be confusing. This is especially true when individuals are covered under multiple policies.

These potential denial issues are exactly why it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer before the process even begins. Always get a lawyer to settle any car accident claim.

How A Physiotherapists Can Help You

If you lead an active lifestyle, are a senior citizen or are managing a chronic condition, then there is a good chance that you can benefit from the work of a physiotherapist. These professionals work in a variety of settings to ensure that your body is performing at its peak condition. But what can physiotherapy do for you?


You do not need to be a professional athlete to sustain an injury, in fact many people injure themselves and requite the services of a physiotherapist. Take, for example, a sprained ankle. Your physiotherapist would work with you until your ankle was healed and functioning properly.

What does this treatment look like? It depends on your injury. For a sprained ankle, it may include a personalized exercise program to improve the strength of the damaged area. Physiotherapists treat a wide range of injuries and work to restore their patients to their full strength and mobility.


It is an unfortunate reality that your body weakens as it ages, but that does not mean that you cannot remain healthy as you age. Just as physiotherapy Newmarket works to keep your body strong after an injury, physiotherapists also allow you to retain your strength as you age.

Joint and bone strength will naturally decline with age, so this is a big focus of physiotherapists. They will guide you in performing exercises to maintain your strength and are able to minimize the aches and pains that come with aging through massage and other treatments. If you want to retain your strength as you age, then you should contact a physiotherapist right away.

Chronic Conditions

Physiotherapy also focuses on how to care for those suffering from diabetes and heart conditions. While these conditions are often impossible to cure, physiotherapists are able to work with you so that your condition does not worsen.

For example, say that you have diabetes. A physiotherapist would work with you to ensure that you kept up a proper diet and exercise routine that would prevent your condition from deteriorating. While the physiotherapist could not cure your diabetes, they could still allow you to live a longer and more productive life. This is the main advantage that physiotherapy brings to those suffering from chronic conditions: quality of life.


Sooner or later, many people find themselves seeking the care of a physiotherapist. These healthcare professionals are able to treat a long list of issues and provide their patients with a healthier, sustainable lifestyle. If you find yourself in need of the services of a physiotherapist, do not hesitate to contact one. They will ensure that you can continue to live your day-to-day life in the best health possible.

What You Should Do If You Just Lost A Tooth

The sudden loss of a tooth can be traumatic and painful. Before seeing a dentist, it is important to remain calm and locate the tooth.

Handling a displaced tooth
Grasp the tooth by the crown, or the top, only. Do not touch the roots. They are living and your hands have bacteria on them.
Take a close look at the tooth for cracks or missing parts.
If the tooth has blood or tissue on it, do not attempt to clean it. Cleaning at this point will damage the roots and the tooth will not be viable once reset in the jaw. If the tooth has dirt on it, rinse it very briefly in a bowl of water at lukewarm temperature. Do NOT hold the tooth under running water, as this will kill the cells on the surface of the roots. These cells are needed to grow and help reattach the tooth in your mouth.

Replace the tooth in the socket
Attempt to replace the tooth into its socket. Be patient. If the tooth does not slide into place, bite down carefully on gauze or a damp paper towel and hold the tooth in place. See the dentist as an emergency patient with the tooth held in place.

If temporary replacement does not work
There are products to preserve a knocked-out tooth, but few will have it on hand, and time is very important for viability. Instead, place the tooth in a mild, salt water solution or in some milk. If this fails to be workable, place the tooth in your mouth in your cheek.
Immediately see an emergency dentist. If one is not available, go straight to a hospital emergency room.

The success of a tooth remaining viable to implantation rests upon a couple of circumstances.
The first two hours after the loss are vital to successful reimplantation. The likelihood of the tooth reintegrating into the jaw and remaining alive becomes poor after the two-hour limit.
If the tooth has a chip or missing component near the root, chances are that some of the root canal and nerve were left in the jaw with the trauma. When this is evident, success for reimplantation becomes lower.

The process used to reimplant the tooth
Once the tooth is replaced into its socket, it is imperative that it remain completely stable until bone can regrow around the roots. The doctor will splint the tooth to the surrounding teeth to prevent movement.
The newly implanted tooth will need to be splinted for two to eight weeks. Unaffected teeth should be brushed thoroughly, but the replaced tooth cannot be brushed or flossed at all. The individual should avoid any pressure or biting on the tooth.

Root canal
In some cases of avulsed or knocked-out teeth, the Oshawa dentist can stabilize the tooth and then perform a root canal. This preserves the tooth artificially, as a filler replaces the original pulp.