How The Presence of Sewer Gas Could Indicate A Serious Plumbing Emergency

Common plumbing problems are fairly easy to recognize. A leaky faucet or a clogged drain are quickly revealed and hard to miss. A quick call to a plumber can fix such things. Other problems might not be so easy to notice. Well, symptoms related to the problem may be easy to notice. The trouble is homeowners might not necessarily connect the symptoms with a major or minor plumbing problem. The stench of sewer gas, for example, could be blamed on any number of shot-in-the-dark reasons. Guessing games should not be played when it comes to the presence of sewer gas. The gas is not exactly healthy to the occupants of a home.

What is Sewer Gas?

Sewer gas comes from sewage. Sewage is pumped out of a home via the sewer drain. If damage has been suffered by the sewer drain or if there is a clog, a troubling odor may rise up through the basement drain. The gas derives from the decomposition of matter in the organic materials present in the drain.

Questions surely are going to arise about whether or not the gas is dangerous. The answer is a not-to-reassuring “It depends”. Nontoxic fumes are present in sewer gas. Nontoxic fumes deliver a horrific odor, but there aren’t exactly severe dangers associated with the gas. Toxic gas fumes, however, present a major cause for alarm.

The components in the toxic version of the gas include hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Both have the potential to be extremely dangerous to humans. Immediately contacting a Whitby plumbers to take care of the problem is strongly advised. Perhaps it would not hurt to call the gas company to make sure the issue is sewer gas and not a natural gas leak as well.

Fixing the Sewer Gas Problem

The cause of the damage factors into what type of repair work is necessary. If the pipe is severely damaged then the drain may need to be replaced. Wildly-growing tree roots may cause such damage. The solution may entail breaking up concrete and removing the drain. Other problems might not be so significant.

A Less-Costly Option

There is an alternative to replacing a damaged drain pipe. The process of relining adds a “second skin” to the inside of a pipe. The process eliminates the need to break any concrete or remove pipe. Granted, the pipe cannot be severely damaged in order for this process to be selected. After a proper inspection, a plumber can determine whether or not relining would deliver an appropriate fix. Again, homeowners are advised to avoid any delays when strange smells emanate from a basement sewer drain.

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