Why Butcher Shops Are Great

In the past, most individuals would buy their meat in a butcher shop rather than a supermarket. There are great reasons for purchasing steaks, pork chops and chicken drumsticks from a butcher instead of at a grocery store. A butcher shop can provide these benefits:

• Personal service from a butcher
• High-quality meat
• Meat kept at the proper temperature
• Specialized handling of meat
• Fresh products
• Specialty meats

Butcher Shop Meat Is Kept at the Correct Temperature

When you buy meat at a supermarket, it is usually on a foam tray that is wrapped with plastic. Numerous shoppers can pick up the package of meat before making a decision, and in some cases, they remove the meat from the cooling case for an hour or more before placing it back into the case. Anyone consuming meat that has not remained at the proper temperature risks a foodborne illness that can lead to serious digestive problems.

A Butcher Shop Has Specialty Cuts of Meat

All types of meat products are becoming more expensive, and the food is often packaged in factories hundred of miles away from your home before it is shipped in a refrigerated truck to your local grocery store. You have no idea how long it might stay on the truck in a supermarket’s parking lot or in a stockroom before it is placed in the cooling cases. When you arrive at the store, you can only buy the meat that is available rather than requesting specialty cuts of pork chops or steaks. You might want extra-thick steaks or butterfly cut pork chops, but these meat cuts are not available at a supermarket.

Preparing Special Meat Products for Barbecues

If you are planning a party with a particular menu or want to create a unique recipe, then you need to find a butcher shop Dundas Ontario where an expert meatcutter can prepare meat in a specialized way. When you are having a barbecue, you might want to have hundreds of kabobs, but it can take several hours to prepare these items. However, a butcher can prepare kabobs before wrapping the food in paper so that you can cook the items at home on a grill.

Find Exotic Meats In a Butcher Shop

Exotic meats are now popular, but your local supermarket will probably not sell any of these products. However, it is possible to buy several types of exotic meats from a butcher, including:

• Pheasant
• Venison
• Goose
• Snake
• Frog legs
• Camel
• Antelope
• Ostrich
• Rabbit
• Squirrel

The demand for exotic meat is growing in Canada, and if you want to buy an unusual type of meat, then you need to find a specialty butcher shop.

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